First discovered in Kenya in 1968, Tsavorite Gemstone was the first green garnet known to the world since the depletion of small Russian deposits of demantoid garnet in the late 19th century. Today, Tsavorite’s beautiful pale green hue is rapidly growing in popularity as new excavations in both Kenya and Tanzania reveal wonderful new localities.

Who should wear Tsavorite Garnet?

Tsavorite is supposed to be the 2nd-anniversary gem. And, Birthstone for the people born in January month.

Tsavorite Gemstone


A Tsavorite’s value is determined by the 4 C’s, just like a diamond. Generally speaking, the finer the Tsavorite, the higher it’s worth per carat. The price of Tsavorite is also determined by carat weight. Finer grades of larger Tsavorite Gemstone are so rare that the price per carat increases exponentially as carat weight increases. 



Tsavorite is found in a few locations around the world. it is most commonly found in East Africa, particularly in Tanzania and Kenya.

Tsavorite is primarily used in jewellery, but it can also be used in other decorative items such as figurines and paperweights.

Tsavorite is graded based on the intensity and purity of its color, as well as the size and overall quality of the stone. The most highly prized tsavorites are those with a rich, deep green color and good clarity.