Iolite Gemstone is a unique semi-precious stone known for its pleochroic properties. It shows different colors depending on the viewing angle. Available in violet, deep blue, yellow gray, and violet colors. It is the perfect stone for making jewelry. It is easy to mold into various shapes, but difficult to cut.

Iolite Gemstone

Who should wear iolite?

In Western astrology, it is recommended as an auspicious stone for Virgo, and some people wear it as a birthstone or anniversary stone. It is also considered the Ascendant of Gemini, Taurus and Virgo. Therefore, these zodiac signs can also wear this unique stone according to certain Vedic standards.

Precious Iolite Gemstone


The precious Iolite Gemstone has a soft, rich purple-blue color. Low-value gems are a faded purple, and at the lowest end of the scale, Iolite can be almost white or clear. iolite’s color is considered very soft compared to other blue gemstones such as sapphire.



Iolite Gemstone
Iolite Gemstone


iolite’s special as it helps to recover the lost sense of balance

Yes, iolite can be worn every day with minimal care

It has the power to open intuition senses