Garnet Gemstone is one of the most versatile stones on the market. Colors range from deep red to tangerine orange, lime green and pale pink to purple, gold and brown.

Garnets are a group of silicate minerals that have been used as gems and abrasives since the Bronze Age.

Garnets come in all colors, with reddish tinges being the most common. Blue garnets are the rarest, first reported in the 1990s.

Garnet Gemstone

Who can wear Garnets?

Vedic astrology associates the garnet with the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius and with the planetary lord Rahu, the ascending node of the Moon, not the planet. Despite Garnet’s importance in relation to these zodiac signs (occurring from the turn of the year through February), this gemstone is believed to be beneficial to all people, regardless of when they were born.

Types of Garnets

Garnet Gemstone come in more than 20 categories, called species, but only five are commercially significant as gemstones. Five of these are pyrope, almandine (also known as almandite), spessartine, grossler (grossularite), and andradite.

pyrope Garnet Gemstone
Almandine Garnet Gemstone
spessartine Garnet Gemstone
Grossler Garnet Gemstone
Andradite Garnet Gemstone


Look at the shades of stones

  • Garnets are known for their intense, saturated hues.
  • Therefore, a good way to distinguish real gems from fakes is by looking at the richness of their colors.
  • If the stone is brighter, brighter, or more vibrant, it may be a fake.

Search for impurities

  • The transparency of this stone varies greatly depending on its type. Red garnets are usually pretty to the eye, with the exception of almandine garnets, which have asbestos fiber inclusions that give them a star-like effect. On the other hand, orange garnets are known to have many inclusions.
  • If the red variety has too many inclusions or the orange variety has very few, the gemstone in question may be a fake.

See its reflection

The brilliance of this gemstone is one of the most important USPs and is responsible for its growing demand worldwide. You can distinguish real garnets from fakes by following the steps below.

  • Hold the stone close to your eye. 
  • Try looking at a distant light source (such as a lamp) through the stone. 
  • You should be able to see the light reflecting off the inner stone walls. 
  • Then tilt the stone on its axis and look inside as before. Here the reflections are displayed in a rainbow pattern.


The following highlights the advantages of carrying garnet.


Its a symbol of love and is often associated with life force, blood, heart, and inner fire

People who have low energy levels are mostly recommended to wear Garnet stones.

No, Garnet is a bit darker than Ruby