Spessartine Gemstone is a variety of mineral garnet that is known for its vibrant orange color. It is a fairly hard and durable stone, with a Mohs hardness of 7 to 7.5, making it suitable for everyday wear. The name Spessartine comes from the Spessart Mountains in Germany, where the stone was first discovered.

Spessartite Gemstone

Who can wear Spessartine?

Spessartine Gemstone is a versatile stone that can be worn by people of all zodiac signs, but it is said to be particularly beneficial for those born under the sign of Leo. The vibrant orange color of the stone is associated with energy, creativity, and self-confidence. Making it a great stone for Leos who want to boost their self-esteem and unleash their creative potential.

Spessartite Gemstone


When it comes to quality checking Spessartine, there are a few things to look for. Firstly, look at the color of the stone, it should be a vibrant orange color, with no visible inclusions. Secondly, check the cut of the stone, it should be well-proportioned and symmetrical. Finally, check the clarity of the stone, it should be transparent, with no visible inclusions. 



It can help spiritual journeys feel more balanced and gives them a stronger sense of inner support.

It can be kept in the South area of your home or office for the best results

It can be cleansed using mineral water with a pinch of salt