Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside Gemstone is colored green because it contains chromium. Chromium is the Latin name for the element, also known as Chromium in the Periodic Table of the Elements, and is element number 24. In French, the name is chrome.

Chrome Diopside Gemstone

Who can wear Chrome Diopside?

Chrome Diopside is not a traditional birthstone, but it is associated with the Pisces zodiac sign as well as Gemini and Virgo.


The most important factor to consider when buying bulk Chrome Diopside is color, with medium dark green stones at the top of the value spectrum. Rich green specimens over 2 carats are incredibly rare and of course command a hefty premium.

Shallow angle faceting is necessary to enhance both the brilliance and color of the stone, especially for large sizes where the color is too dark. Popular cuts of Chrome Diopside Gemstone include oval, cushion, emerald (octagonal), and round cuts. Chrome diopside is also sometimes cut into cabochons.

Chrome Diopside Green Gemstone



It provides a sense of empowerment and helps one to recognize the strength within oneself.

Yes, we can hold them under running water